What is SEO Content/Copywriting anyways?

The story of copywriting in the early days of the internet

Once upon a time, people created content and posted it to their blogs/websites and that was all that they needed to have an effective content marketing game. They told their readers the benefits and features of their products/offerings, never thinking that the potential customers reading would ever need or want to know more.

Measuring marketing then vs now

In the old days, marketers didn’t have to measure the effectiveness of their work in large part because it was almost impossible to do it well.


SEO (search engine optimization) has been around for nearly as long as the internet has been alive.

Copywriting (and content creation)

Copywriting has been around as long as written advertising has been around. In fact, copywriting is what kept Don Draper employed on the TV show Mad Men.


Copy is typically written for faster results. When you think of copy, you should think of writing aimed at driving action from its reader.


Content is also creating written work for businesses, but this type of writing is aimed less at inspiring action and more at creating relationships and long term loyalty.

The difference

As a business owner, you have to use a combination of both content and copy to build a communications strategy that offers real results online.

Bringing it all together

SEO, content and copywriting are all important elements to a successful communications strategy for a business.



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Pam Parker Foley

Pam Parker Foley

I write about writing for a living, trends in tech marketing, dogs, yoga & sometimes what’s for dinner.